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Frequently Asked Questions

Read More about Catering by Bryce's FAQs Below!

Can I have a different caterer bring food in?

No. Catering By Bryce owns these facilities & is the only approved caterer. The only exception to this is CAKE. You do not have to order food to rent the facility. They are separate charges. Call us with questions. 

Can I arrive earlier than my schedule hours to decorate?

No, but additional hours can be purchased for $100/hour. Or you can turn your evening into a full day event for $300! You must have all of your belongings out before your time slot ends.

Do you decorate?

We have some decorative lighting & our facilities are new & beautiful. Other than that you are welcome to decorate as you wish as long no harm is done to our facility.

Do you allow alcohol?

It depends! Please call Bryce about this at 801-856-6998.

Is the food cost included in the rental pricing?

        No. They are separate charges. Food needs vary greatly between different events and so the charges are separate.

Do you rent out linens?

At this time we do not have our own linens for rent. You are welcome to rent or bring your own. We would also be happy to help you order them. Our tables are very nice looking and do not require linens unless you want them. 

What does the hostess do?

The hostess is there to make sure everything is running smoothly, answer any questions, & help with the technical equipment if necessary. She is not responsible for making any announcements or bussing tables. It is your event you are in charge of your time slot.

Am I responsible for damages?

Yes, If you damage our facility, windows, doors, tables (other than reasonable wear and tear), and technical equipment you will be responsible and liable for the damages.

Do I need to bring my own cables?

Yes, please bring any cables you think you may need to hook up your own private devices to our Tv/projector at the Event Center.

Is my deposit refundable?

Deposits are never refundable, period. However, if you cancel your event at least 3 weeks in advance we will allow you to apply that deposit toward a future event if you wish to do so. The new event must occur within 18 months of the original event date.

When is the rest of my rental payment due?

The rest of your rental payment is due 3 weeks before your event.

Is my rental payment refundable if I cancel my event?

If you cancel your event 3 weeks before the event date your rental payment is 100% refundable (not including the deposit). If you cancel your event with less than 3 weeks notice then you forfeit 50% of the remaining rental payment. 

Will the room be set up?

Yes, please tell us how you want the tables and chairs arranged 48 hours before the event and we will have it ready for you. Please do not move the furniture yourself without the assistance of the event hostess to make sure they don't get damaged.

What do I need to do to make reservations?

  1. Call 801-856-6998 or email to make the reservation.
  2. Pay your deposit.
  3. Read these faq's as they include most of our policies. We will email you a page of them to inital and sign. Give this completed form to your event hostess on the day of your event or before.